5 Simple Fashion Tricks I Learned as a Model

5 Simple Fashion Tricks I Learned as a Model

Hey Good People,

Many moons ago as a Ford Model, I learned simple tricks while styling myself in preparation for go-sees and interviews that might be of interest to you. For some - a no-brainer, for others, it may add some awareness.


1. Cute Handbag

Ladies, if there’s one thing to invest in first, definitely make it your handbag. Nope, it doesn’t need to be designer – in fact, regardless of what you've heard, it’s totally not required. In short: a nice leather (or vegan/faux/cloth) bag or clutch in good condition makes any outfit look better. You’ll just look more put together. Find one (or a few) that compliments your style, attitude and look and be even more marvelous.

2. Simple Basics

Always have a basic black tee and white tee on hand. If possible, a short and long sleeve of each, otherwise opt for the long-sleeve as you can scrunch up your sleeves and go. Seriously ya’ll, they're miraculous. You can wear them with jeans, skirts or under a sleeveless dress. Basics are your best friends, I never travel without them.

3. Bangin’ Belt

Pop on a belt when you want to add an interesting layer to your outfit. Plus it will visually break up the upper and lower portion of your outfit and create a slimming effect, no matter your size. Really, it's such an easy way to pull your outfit together in a SNAP!

4. The Shoe Switch up

Do you have that dress that you love that got you through all summer long and you hate to let it go because it’s chilly or for those in Chicago - cold out? Instead of wearing sandals, throw on a pair of tights with booties and a jean or leather jacket and a chunky necklace (if it fits) and wa-la, you’re strutting into a new season with your fav dress.

5. Saucy Statement Coat

I’m a pretty casual person these days and often find myself having to "up" my look in an instant for a meeting or a spontaneous date night. Sooo, to make an effortless transition, I always have a fabulous statement coat I can throw on over my t-shirt or jeans and instantly I look and feel more dressed up. Give it a go.

Btw: It's my first blog post, and yep...I'm hyped! What do you think? Comments? I’d love to hear your feedback!