5 Ways to Revamp Your 2020 Look

5 Ways to Revamp Your 2020 Look

Hi Beauties,

Happy New Year 2020! Let's sashay into the new year with five tips to amp up your look and get you through almost any occasion. 


1. Accessories

My Mum once told me that accessories are most transformative when switching up your fashion vibe–and she's right! Grab those daring statement earrings, rock a fabulous headband or necklaceoh and don’t forget about the impact a great hat or scarf can make on your usual T-shirt and jeans. By just changing the kind of accessories you wear with a LBD (little black dress), you can go from day to night, effortlessly.

2. Alterations

The right tailoring can make any garment work for any body and is an absolute game changer when it comes to the perfect fit. You can make a $50 blouse look like a $200 blouse through the magic of tailoring. For instance, I often wear A-line and tulle-hem skirts, to balance my proportions. I buy skirts to fit my hips, then I have the waist taken in. I also have my fitted pencil skirts nipped right under the butt to create a flattering curve.

3. Layering

A perfectly layered look can compliment your curves and create the look of a more proportionate silhouette. If a top or dress is too low-cut, then throwing on a few layers can do the trick. Even the simplest of layers can blossom an outfit, the key however; is to play with texture. I find it's best to incorporate a mix of materials when wearing a layered look. For example, a crisp white t-shirt under a slip dress can transform it to an office-ready look. I’ll never say it enough: layering is the best way to make your outfits interesting, especially when you’re dealing with a limited wardrobe.

4. The Makeup Switch

There’s so much more to makeup than just “making yourself look pretty”. It’s as much of an accessory as your handbags or shoes are, so experiment and have fun. You could wear the same dress with three totally different makeup looks — dark lips, smokey eyes, or cat eyes with liner and you’d give off three completely distinct vibes.

5. Playful Prints

While a monochromatic look is always super sharp, life is short and it's fun to wear bold patterns and colors every once in a while.  Try updating your look by pairing prints with a bright piece in a solid color. I literally wear black 95% of the time, so this is something I am personally going to give a go more in 2020... are you with me?

What do you think ladies? Any comments? I'd love to hear your feedback.