Four Different Ways to Style a Pair of Leggings

Four Different Ways to Style a Pair of Leggings

Leggings have come a long way! From underrated at-home attire to popular “anywhere” attire.

Why? Because leggings in your wardrobe adds comfort and versatility. You can pair them with distinctive tops, sweaters, cardigans and blouses for a casual or upscale look. In this post, we will discuss various ways to style a pair of leggings.

Shirts- The combination of leggings with a long shirt can look quite elegant. Try pairing a dark printed legging with a light-colored solid top. Just remember, your leggings or top should be a solid color when dealing with prints.

Long and oversized sweaters- Besides the summer season, you can also wear leggings during the winter season. Pairing leggings with a long and oversized sweater is a cozy combination. Try pairing black leggings with a printed cardigan or vice-versa. For a more casual look, wear a t-shirt under the sweater.

Short dresses- Here comes a perfect pairing for a party. If you wish to wear a short dress but are hesitant due to its length, try pairing it with leggings. It will give you a completely different look.

Office or work from home wear- Office wear usually consists of uncomfortable attire. Working all day with restricted clothing isn’t the way to get through your day! Now with many working from home you can sub a pair of leggings with a formal shirt or blazer.

Styling your wardrobe with leggings is an art. And you can master it carefully to look your best!