Shapewear | 3 Ways to Look Smooth in Every Outfit

Shapewear | 3 Ways to Look Smooth in Every Outfit

Hey Beauties, Happy Thursday!

Valentine's Day is just another excuse for me to wear a dress! And while I don't love the prix fixe menus and cheesiness of the holiday, I must say: With dresses come responsibilities.

Every. Body. Is. Beautiful. And beauty no doubt comes in all shapes and sizes. Often, we’re pressured by society to look thinner or a certain way, so let’s do our best not to ascribe to such nonsense.

Regardless of size, depending on what you’re wearing, shapewear responsibly accentuates your favorite body parts and distracts the eye from areas (if any) that you may not feel so self-assured with. With shapers, you’ll never have to worry about jiggling, lumps or awkward panty-lines ruining your outfit. And this my ladies, is responsibility at its best. 

Personally, my body changes season to season, so I find it easier to deal with fluctuations without having to buy new clothes, simply by incorporating shapers in my every day wardrobe. It’s also pretty common for me to put on pounds when we travel for extended lengths of time, because…uh, I’m living life and enjoying myself 😃When this inevitably happens, I’m prepared and wear shapers under all of my clothes (even jeans) so they fit better (about an inch of breathing room, makes all the difference). Admittedly, I don’t wear them every day, but with a dress or skirt is an absolute must. 

Without further ado, below are the top three must-have shapers that time and time again come through for me.

1. Camisole

I find myself wearing this one a lot as I love how it lifts and reshapes the backside. I also wear them when wanting to accentuate and smooth the top portion of my body, especially if it’s a fitted shirt or blouse. An easy fix for smoothing love handles and muffin tops.

2. Bodysuit

This shaper creates a seamless line from above the knee to underneath the bust. You wear your own bra with it and it’s almost like a shield! Reduces love handles, helps your tummy look tighter and accentuates curves in all the right places.

3.High Waist

This god-send leaves you with a clean silhouette from under the bust to above the knee and can make you look 5-7 pounds lighter (if that's what you're going for).

TIP: I highly suggest buying shapers one size up for a more comfortable, breathable experience. And always buy full body shapewear with an open crotch area, so you’re not having to relive the experience of putting them on every time you go to the ladies’ room.

Well, I hope this helps, let me know what you think. Be sure to check out our dresses and jewelry for Valentine's Day and beyond. Happy shaping suga!